USA DANCE Logo Media Kit
Modified and Approved Logos

    Helpful Hints
      To save a file to your desktop:
      • Windows Users: Right-click on the link for the format you want and select "save target as"
      • Mac Users: Hold your "control-key" down as you select the file you want

      The file formats provided are vector based. This provides the highest quality image at any size, provided you have a program that can insert these images.

      It is suggested that all re-sizing be done in Adobe Illustrator or other professional quality vector graphics editor. Other than re-sizing, Do not Modify your official Logo. There will be designers available, through the central office, to help create approved modifications for specific purposes.

      Many software packages will be able to place one of these images by using some form of "Insert-Picture" command. The following examples are for Windows.

      M.S. Word (WMF):
      M.S. Publisher (WMF,EPS).
      Click on "Insert" Menu,
      Click on "Picture" Item,
      Click on "From File",
      Select WMF File.

      Adobe Products have a "Place" command on their File menu.
      Adobe Illustrator (EPS OR PDF),
      Adobe PageMaker (EPS or PDF)

      IF YOU NEED A BITMAP IMAGE: Adobe Acrobat Reader has a tool that allows you to select and copy images to the clipboard. The clipboard will then contain a bitmap the same size as displayed in Acrobat reader (display a small image, copy a small image. Display a LARGE image, copy a large image). This can be pasted in any paint program

      The Difference between CMYK, RGB and Grayscale:
      CMYK:(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) are the inks used in printing. Use CMYK images when producing documents to be printed in color.

      RGB:(Red, Green, Blue) are the projected colors used on your monitor. Use RGB images when producing Online content to be printed in color.

      GRAYSCALE:Use the Grayscale logo when printing in Black & White. The contrasts have been set up to print better in this situation. Using CMYK or RGB will result in muddy images.